Dec 23, 2015

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Clan Castle Guide

The Clan Castle is perhaps the most significant defensive structure in Clash of Clans. This structure can stock units that will defend your base against the attacks of the enemy. Since many units in Clash of Clans deal much more damage than your towers, the clan castle may be the strongest structure of the defense. To upgrade your Clan Castle you will definitely need a lot of clash of clans resources!

Note that the castle clan units cannot be given to you through your clan members. Units are all considered “donations”. Main extrinsic motivators to join a clan is to be able to receive units in the form of grants. Note that the donation units provide the player with a gift on small amount of experience points depending on the particular unit.As increases clan castle level, both the ability of the unit and the Clan War loot capacity will increase. Therefore, it is important to keep your clan castle advanced as you level your town hall. After a clan war, your reward is automatically stored in the clan castle. These are not moved to your normal storage structures and available for expenditure until you select clan castle and select “collect the loot.”

The clan castle is only as good as the units within it. A fully loaded clan castle can literally mean the variance between losing and do not lose everything in an enemy raid. Of utmost significance is to always keep your clan castle stocked with units, especially if you hold a lot of resources. For the tenacity of cheap defensive units, archers are the best bet. They are moderately effective because of their ability to draw on the walls. Archers are also very weak when drawn away from the base. If you are in a clan who is willing to donate more luxurious units or have an alt account, there are better options than Archer. Dragon is among the best units and Wizards deal great damage, while Dragons also deal area of effect damage, and are problematic to kill. The clan castle is one of your best defensive constructions, but only when used suitably.

In next article, we will discuss the types of units that you should try to get in your clan castle, where to place your clan castle, and the kin importance of upgrading your clan castle in association to other buildings.
Note that the clan castle can also be used for aggressive purposes, particularly for the Clan Wars. Golems, Hog Riders, Balloons, or Dragons can greatly expand the strength of your attack.

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Dec 16, 2015

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FIFA 16 – Simple Tips and Tricks

Here’s what you need to know to get ahead with FIFA 16! In this blog article we are giving you several simple tips and tricks like fifa 16 coins hack that will be extremely useful for any new Fifa 16 player!

1. Skip Fifa Ultimate Team
One of the key features for FIFA 16 is Ultimate Team Project. The first time you play FUT Project, it is free. But after that, it has a fee of 300 FIFA Points or 15,000 coins every time you want to play entrance. It allows you to discover some of the best players in FIFA Ultimate Team – EA player collection and the team management mode, with no chance to find the best players. Ideally FUT project is expected to win enough to play again, but it is not the case right now. Until EA corrects this problem, we suggest you avoid wasting your free entry.
2. Fifa 16 and statistics
In previous FIFA editions of game as long as you have high speed players you would be well. Do not be afraid to mix the composition of your team, especially your defense, where players at low speed but high strength are actually useful this time.Now other statistics such as strength and endurance really make a difference.
3. Packs
The deliberate pace of play FIFA 16 is not for everyone and makes this game feel much slower than older FIFA games. In any case would do well to speed up your passes. Press the right bumper through it faster. Keep in mind that the added speed makes it more difficult for the receiver to handle the ball well.
4. Trainer mode
Click the right stick to switch to drive mode. If you are a veteran of the series just looking to get caught in the action, you’d better turn it off. Newcomers can learn a lot by keeping it on. Anyway, it is enabled by default and can be customized according to your skill level.
5. Make use of additional options
Sliding tackles in FIFA games have been all or nothing. Get the timing right and you can hang the ball from your opponent easily mistake and you could be in place for a red card. FIFA 16 gives you another chance with sliding tackles. If you press the button at the right time after attempting a slide tackle, you can choose yourself and try again. This makes it an attractive option while intercepting passes.
These are just a few ways for you to get the best of FIFA 16, what tricks do you use? Let us know you’re your comments.

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Sep 26, 2015

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The ultimate guide to Hungry Shark Evolution

The ultimate guide to Hungry Shark Evolution


One of the most popular, and definitely one of the most beautiful games on handheld devices is Hungry Shark Evolution. This game was released in October 2012 by Future Games of London, a studio owned by big-time name in the gaming world – Ubisoft. As the fifth, and the last, installment in their highly successful series “Hungry Shark” this game is the most complete and has the largest content, available on all major platforms, including iOS and Android. Great selection of missions and entertaining gaming experience is what attracted over 125 million people to download this game, with over 30.000 new users per day. Hungry Shark Evolution is currently ranked at 199 on the Top Grossing Games list, and brings around $7.700 of daily revenue to the publisher, through the well-known service of in-app purchases.


When it comes to gameplay and the whole general idea of the game, Hungry Shark Evolution offers top-notch quality in graphics and performance, but also some highly exciting and interesting plotline and scenario. Idea of the game can be over-simplified and we could say that this game is about the player being a shark and eating other animals and humans while swimming freely around. This may as well be right, but total level on enjoyment and playing time can not be explained by such a short statement.

For instance, Hungry Shark Evolution offers a large number of additional missions and tasks, so you don’t have to wander around goalless and pointlessly. Over 70 missions and 15 hidden Bonus Objects are sure to keep you entertained for a long time, since the huge underwater world of this game is not so easy to cover. Aside from being staggeringly colorful and realistic in depicting a tropical reef habitat, the wide world of Hungry Shark Evolution contains an impressive number of species and various forms of wildlife – and it is all edible! Even the humans, since the scuba divers, fishermen, swimmers or sunbathers provide a lot of calories and great sound effects when eaten by your shark. Missions have to be unlocked by discovering the shells that are scattered around the reef floor, and can tasks later be accessed by a menu on the left side.

Also, this game offers great number of levels for progressive playing, since eating your prey brings points (aside from keeping you alive – sharks have to feed constantly) and those points can be used to unlock the next step in evolution, i.e. the better, stronger and faster version of shark. Players start at the bottom ladder, with the smallest species of shark – reef shark, but after earning enough points this can be changed, and sharks like mako, hammerhead, tiger and great white shark can be unlocked. There are also some “special” types of sharks like magalodon, mosasaurus and super-special like Electro Shark, Ice Shark and Robo Shark.

Hungry Shark Evolution offers huge variety of in-app purchases and players can customize their sharks in all sorts of way. Also, very important coins and gems can be bought, and later used to unlock top levels and ultimate shark types. If you don’t want to pay and still need the gems and coins, there is an alternative to it. Meet hungry shark evolution guide – awesomethe tool that helped me a lot. You will be surprised by how many useful tips can be found there! Try it out, you will love it! Short preview:

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Sep 17, 2015

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Kim Kardashian: Hollywood – review

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood – review

Even though Kim Kardashian began her career as a star of a reality TV show, today she is among the most popular TV personalities and one of the richest celebrities in the world. After becoming involved in various areas of business, in June 2014, a game about Kim Kardashian was also released and it instantly became a huge hit. With over 30 million downloads and high rating in app stores, this game brought Kim earning of nearly 200 million dollars.

With all these figures in mind, we cannot deny that the game has reached a high level of success. Players around the world enjoy creating the character, usually the one which resembles Kim as much as possible. They can socialize with other characters within the game, whether they are fictional or characters of their friends who are also playing. There are various tasks to perform in order to earn money, gain in popularity, meet right people and do other things that take to become an A-list celebrity. There is no doubt that the game offers a huge variety of tasks, items and options. There are thousands of tweets with the game’s hashtag and printscreens from it, and the game has apparently become so popular that there are some websites that offer cheats for the game.


However, despite its popularity and the fact that it really is successful, the game has many flaws, in different aspects of it. First of all, the biggest problem may be the time-consumption. There are various tasks that the player is supposed to do in order to climb up the social ladder, but they all require a certain level of energy. Once your run out of energy, it takes ages to restore it in a sufficient level so you can perform all the tasks successfully and bring them to their end. The other thing is that the tasks themselves last too long. If you decide to accept a gig as a model, actor or any other gig offered to you in the game, it usually lasts one hour, or even more. You may end the gig successfully in less time, but since it requires energy, you will spend all of it in the first minute or two, and then wait for the energy level to rise again, in order to be able to play on. Another big disadvantage is the price. Even though the game is free for download, there are items within the game that are quite expensive. There is virtual money earned in the game, and it is not so difficult to earn it. But there are also silver stars that are very difficult to get, and it usually takes a lot of them to buy anything – which is probably a way to make the players buy these stars for actual money. Points for energy level can be bought for real money as well, so that you do not need to wait for it to be renewed. Of course, you can play the game with free items, but as mentioned – at some point it will become too-time consuming and really slow.

This game offers you a peak into the world of celebrities and the ways of becoming one. Only if you are interested in this topic, and if you are willing to spend some money to speed it up, it might be interesting to you. But if you do not wish to spend any money there is an alternative. You can always try to hack Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game and get everything you need for free. The choice is up to you.

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Sep 15, 2015

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While Expecting the Huawei Mate 8

While Expecting the Huawei Mate 8

Do you know what a phablet is?

Precisely! It’s a cross breed between a phone and a tablet! Moreover, it has never looked more appealing than in the Huawei Mate 8 which is just about to hit the market.

While we impatiently wait for the unveiling of Huawei Mate 8 and its premiere in Berlin on September 2nd, some of the leaked information has definitely got our imagination going! So, let’s see why Huawei Mate 8 is making us as impatient as a child on Christmas morning.


Some say the screen size will be close to the gigantic P8 Max, the Huawei Mate 8’s predecessor. According to some leaked information the Huawei Mate 8 will be equipped with a 6-inch screen which will have 1440 x 2560 QHD resolution.


As for the design of the Huawei Mate 8, it is most likely to reminiscent the Mate 7 which was released in 2014. The Huawei of Mate 8 will be equipped with a large fingerprint sensor on the rear and a front-facing selfie camera on the front. This, of course still may not be the final design for the Huawei Mate 8, but it certainly has our minds boggled about its future appearance. Also, according to some well-informed sources in China it will have an all-metal body and uncommonly thin bezel.


Since mentioning the front-camera, this only means one thing – there is a rear camera, too! And if we can believe the rumors, it will not fail to fulfill our high expectations! The real camera is rumored to have an astonishing 20.7 megapixels with a Sony sensor, which will record some of your dearest memories.

Other Amazing Specifications

We can also look forward to the 4GB or RAM, an amazing fingerprint sensor and support for Cat.6 LTE service. Also, the eight CPU cores will bring us the best processor with the performance of the Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon 820. Unfortunately though, by the time the Kirin 950 chip is ready, Huawei will already be forced to present the Huawei Mate 8 and that means they will have to use an alternative instead. But, by all means this doesn’t take any appeal off this amazing phablet we are impatiently waiting for.

Other Rumors

Along other rumors, the Huawei Mate 8 will have not one, but two versions! One version will have 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage space, whereas the other version will have 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory. The front-facing selfie camera might also have the amazing 8-megapixels.

Since a lot of information has already been leaked, the only thing remaining is to wait for the premiere of the Huawei Mate 8 and look forward to it. This all sounds more than astonishing, but that also goes for the price – it will astonish you! In other words, don’t expect it to be cheap.

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